Not Just An English Rose – interview – 1986


4 thoughts on “Not Just An English Rose – interview – 1986

  1. Isn’t it funny, that if she had done the african queen, like she wanted too, she would have met the screenwriter in africa… peter viertel!
    I imagine what that would have been like 😀


    • Well, the romantics in us would like to think of it that way, even if there are a few “if”s involved: the movie had either to be made by MGM, where Deborah was under contract, and also get John Huston and Peter Viertel on board or they should have agreed to let other studios borrow her…
      Anyway, Deborah said she met Peter at the right moment in her life and she didn’t regret not knowing him sooner. She was probably right ❤


      • That’s true, I read that too. She said something like, she did not have any regrets meeting him later in life, because they had to get ‘ready’ for each other…
        And she also said, that she did not want the same things at 24, that she wanted at 40, so I totally agree with you 😊


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