Happy Birthday, Deborah!


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  1. Thank you so much for your new post. These private glimpses show her fine,natural born, personality.
    And her pure beaming face makes us happy through her all ages.
    I send flowers to her graveyard at St.Mary’s Church(Redgrave,Suffolk) on her birthday for memory every year. She is still alive in our heart.

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    • Thank you. Isn’t she so wonderfully natural and warm that she makes you instantly feel close to her?
      About her burial site, apparently it’s wrong. I know from a very close person to her that she is buried in the cemetery of St Nicholas church in Alfold, on the Surrey-Sussex border.


      • Thank you for your intimate information. And I’m shocked I hear about Deborah’s burial site is the different place,beause I’ve believed in her grave was at St.Mary’s church. According to many official websites, she is rest in peace at St,Mary’s Churchyard. And my dream was to visit Redgrave with my wishes to Miss Deborah Kerr.


      • Yes, I know, I learned it myself not so long ago. But, it’s a certain and very close source, who said she tried to contact Wikipedia to change the info accordingly, but she couldn’t. So, better alter the travel plans to the other location.


  2. Thank you for your valuable message and kind advice. I will change the destination to St.Nicholas church-Alfold when I order the foowershop for delivery services next year. And I’m going to alter my
    visit plan to her grave. Thank you again.
    It’s a thousand pities that a lot of Deborah’s fans have the mis-recognition about her R.I.P place.

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