Vote for The Assam Garden

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Here’s the chance to have The Assam Garden restored and made available by BFI.


7 thoughts on “Vote for The Assam Garden

  1. I would love for this to be restored it was I believe her last film and so wonderful
    I had to travel to an art cinema to see it as it was not in general release
    I will gladly vote !

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  2. Hi, Irene. Are you allright now?
    I’m very happy today because I’ve got a new post from you after a long absence since 30.Sept last year. And thank you so much for the precious suggestion on BFI. As a matter of course I did vote for The assam Garden without hesitation before you could say Jack Robinson.
    Unfortunately I could’nt have watched this Deborah’s last film(neither Penn of Pennsylvania 1942) yet.
    So I yearn we can watch these films by DVD or a kind of media in public.
    I’ll be waiting for your message ,once in a while,as your selfish like.
    Take it easy Irene, yes you can!


    • Hi Masahiro. Yeah, I’m sort of alright, except for some lack of energy and motivation 🙂
      I hope we’ll get to see a restored version of The Assam Garden. I, myself have a poor copy of it, but it’s a very touching story and Deborah makes a great role.
      For Penn of Pennsylvania, I don’t know if it works in Japan, but I was able to watch it online, on Amazon. I made a “Prime” account, which offered me a 30 day trial and it didn’t cost me anything cause you can cancel after the trial period.
      Here’s the link, I hope it works for you too. It’s not a great film, but it’s nice to see a very young Deborah.



        I’m sorry for not replying sooner, and thank you for telling me about the above link.
        So, I attempted to watch “Penn of …” on line, on Amazon Prime 30 days free trial.
        But I regret to say that I could not watch it in Japan due to geographical licensing restrictions.
        (Amazon’s message)


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