Thank you, Deborah!

10 years ago, in front of my tv, I heard the news of Deborah’s passing away and I had a feeling of emptiness. I realized I had lost someone who had shaped part of the person I had become.
“There should be some more words for ‘Thank you'”, she said, visibly emotioned, in her Oscar acceptance speech. I would need these kind of words today to express my gratitude to her, for her continuing influence in my life.
Instead of searching for those words, I’ll try to put down in writing the reasons for my thank you note.
10 lessons I learned from Deborah:

1) the lesson of acting, versatile, subtle and sincere
2) the lesson of (inside) beauty and true elegance and class
3) the lesson of integrity and morality, from someone who made a successful life and career, without stepping on other people
4) the lesson of optimism and humour
5) the lesson of kindness and compassion
6) the lesson of being true and natural, in a world of false glitter and hypocrisy
7) the lesson of modesty
8) the lesson of self respect and dignity
9) the lesson of responsibility and dedication
10) the lesson of wisdom and intelligence
For all of these reasons, and probably many others, I say today “Thank you, Deborah, from the bottom of my heart!”


Remembering Deborah (September 30, 1921 – October 16, 2007)

A sentimental, nostalgic journey through Deborah’s career:
– from her last roles: The Assam Garden, A Woman of Substance, Hold the Dream, Reunion at Fairborough, Witness for the Prosecution, A Song at Twilight
– to the debut of her career: Major Barbara, Love on the Dole, Penn of Pennsylvania, Hatter’s Castle, The Day Will Dawn, The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp, Vacation from Marriage, I See a Dark Stranger
– and going through all those roles in between: Black Narcissus, The Hucksters, If Winter Comes, Edward My Son, Please Believe Me, King Solomon’s Mines, Quo Vadis, Thunder in the East, The Prisoner of Zenda, Dream Wife, From Here to Eternity, The Arrangement, The Gypsy Moths, Eye of the Devil, The Night of the Iguana, The Chalk Garden, The Innocents, The Naked Edge, The Grass Is Greener, The Sundowners, Beloved Infidel, The Journey, Separate Tables, Bonjour Tristesse, An Affair to Remember, Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison, Tea and Sympathy, The King and I, The Proud and Profane, The End of the Affair.

PLEASE VOTE for The Assam Garden, Deborah’s last feature film, to be restored by the BFI
Vote open until March 11, 2016
The film today is practically impossible to find and it amply deserves to be restored and made available to watch for all cinema lovers. It is a touching story and it shows Deborah Kerr in a very different and strong role, that also emphasizes her acting range and artistic sensibility.
I hope you’ll enjoy watching a short video preview of this wonderful film.